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Roderique Hope Emergency Housing Trust are a local Taranaki charity and provide a range of services to the Taranaki community including Transitional housing, the Sustaining Tenancies service and the Ready to Rent programme.

Roderique Hope Trust has 10 Transitional houses across Taranaki and provides short term accommodation for individuals and whānau who are homeless and do not have anywhere to live. 

The Sustaining Tenancies service is a new service to the Taranaki area which Roderique Hope Trust launched in 2022.  The Sustaining Tenancies service provides tailored, practical support to individuals and whānau to help them retain their tenancy and avoid homelessness.

The Trust assists each whānau to engage with their appointed whānau navigator to create a whānau centered plan, identify barriers, set goals and help them to see a future for themselves and their children that is filled with hope.  This allows whānau to identify their dreams and aspirations, build whānau stability, gain further education and employment and have a place that they can call home.

Roderique Hope Trust have facilitated the Ready to Rent programme in Taranaki since November 2020.  Ready to Rent Taranaki is a two day course provided for tenants that focuses on the knowledge and skills essential for a successful renting experience. The Ready to Rent course is intended to improve the tenants knowledge in the rental application process, and provide the necessary tools to assist them find and maintain a long term rental property in Taranaki’s competitive private rental market. 

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