Sustaining Tenancies

Roderique Hope Trust provides the Sustaining Tenancies services to the Taranaki area providing support and advocacy to tenants and whānau who need help to sustain their tenancy and address any issues which put their tenancy at risk.

Roderique Hope Trust work alongside tenants and whānau who are at risk of losing their tenancy and are committed to walking alongside them to maintain and strengthen the tenant/landlord relationship, identify barriers and provide a wide range of support by:

  • Helping to negotiate the payment of rent arrears
  • Furnishing or de-cluttering a rental property
  • Providing support around communication with Work and Income, Kainga Ora, Tenancy Services or the Tenancy Tribunal
  • Budgeting advice to help with rent arrears and other money issues
  • Support to remedy any eviction issues
  • Help with issues involving neighbours or landlords
  • Linking whānau with other support services such as counselling, alcohol and drug services, employment agencies, education providers, foodbanks, and parenting programmes
  • Identifying cultural needs and provide links to local services for support and reconnection to Te Aō Māori, Hapu, Iwi and Marae
  • Providing support to maintain their home and liaising with landlords regarding any issues related to their tenancies
  • Provide assistance for section clean-ups etc that may be a requirement to keep the tenancy

Roderique Hope Trust receives self-referrals from tenants and whānau, referrals from Property Managers, Government agencies, community organisations, and private landlords. There is no cost for this service. 

Once we receive a referral, we will make contact with the tenant or whānau within 48 hours. 

Once the team have met with the whānau and signed off the necessary consents, Roderique Hope Trust will work with each whānau to engage with their appointed navigator to create a whānau centered plan, identify barriers, set goals and help them to see a future for themselves and their children that is filled with hope.  This allows whānau to identify their dreams and aspirations, build whānau stability, gain further education and employment and continue to have a stable rental property that they can call home.

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